Impressed by bicycle

We want to deliver the impression when you got faster when your ridding changed with equipment

SACRA Overview


Yoshitada Tanaka

Postal code:206-0021
5 renkoji tama city Tokyo Japan

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Main customer
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA, UCI(Union Cycliste Internationale),
Chester R Kyle, Bicycle pro shop、Amazon、Cyclists

SACRA Policy

All for serious cyclist. SACRA will make & development increasing your performance bicycle components.


Yoshitada Tanaka
[Bicycle career]
18 years experience of road racer. Used 14 bicycles. rode over 260,000km.
[Work & education career]
Graduate Diploma, Department of Mechanical Engineering.It was research tribology & CVT.
shimano R&D in Osaka Japan.
Designed of carbon wheel, The basic research of wheel, Tested Wind tunnel, Made Wheel endurance test standard,The assembly of the wheel software, 3-axis pedal force meter, Drive efficiency measurement, New type BB, New shift components, etc.