This is prottype crank. Pending patent now.
For now This crank will get made to order by expensive.
1.Made to order 3000USD(pending)
2.This crank can adjust crank lenght by changing center specer. you can adjust by 0.1mm.
3.This spacer will be make complimentarly for 5set.
4.This crank make other crank length by left and right.
5.Bolt is 6AL4V bolt.
6.Spider arm is changable. You can choice PCD 110/130 4arm/5arm Single/Double/ Triple
7.This Crank weight is 546.8g by 4 hole stracuture.
8.Made from A7075-T6 by CNC engraving.
9.This crank can adjust stiffness by adjusting engraving.
10.Distinguishing design.

Entirely new components. But stoping development.
We got UCI admision.
But This is too new idea.
We would no sale this.

We think rolling resistance test.

We think socks

We think tubeless for cyclocross and road disk wheel

We think also other wheels

We think caliper brake.