1. Super lightweight by carbon aero spokes, high rigidity by wide flange! Only a 2.9 g carbon aero spoke is used to achieve a 32% weight reduction and high rigidity compared to conventional spokes. We realized unprecedented lightness and lossless forward wheels. Tubeless model 1280g!

2. Wind tunnel experiment at JAXA! 15.4 watts reduced resistance! (※ It is a resistance value that can be reduced by the front and rear wheels when traveling at 48 km / h.)

3. Reduce rolling resistance by 6 watts with Tubeless Ready (TLR)! (※ Weight 65kg, bike 7kg, equipment 1kg, 48km / h assuming running time) Tubeless Ready can be selected without an up charge. Combined with the reduction of air resistance, it can reduce resistance by as much as 21.4 watts. The tire bead is easily raised with a floor pump without detergents and sealants. (TLR recommended tires: Utchinson, MAVIC)

4. Weight reduction of the rim 50g! Use high elastic carbon. We made it lighter without lowering its rigidity. It becomes a top class lightweight wheel in the same class. Achieving high lateral rigidity while reducing the weight by super widening the rim width to 28 mm.

5. Reduce the deflection of the spoke when driving with the SACRA original Misthril hub! Employs a 75 mm large diameter flange. Arrange the spokes substantially perpendicular to the hub. Achieves high drive stiffness and lateral stiffness with a wide flange and 2: 1 set! In combination with the carbons aero pork, it has become the wheel that goes the best.

6. Adopted NTN non-contact seal bearing made in Japan! High cleanliness steel achieves high durability and non-contact seal achieves low resistance.

7. Color order available! (No up charge)

You can choose from many colors. Please select a color from here and contact us. You can also choose gold or silver. It will change the color of the logo and design line. (If you select a color order, it will take around 1 month delivery time.)

8.2 years of good warranty! We will offer 50% off up to half a year, and 30% off up to 2 years, regardless of self loss, other losses, or dropouts.

9. Main spec